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The “Catch-All” Closet

What do gift wrap, consignment clothing, internet routers, a pool tote, and a wedding dress have in common? The answer - they are part of the random assortment of items stored in my guest room/home office closet. This closet was stuffed to the brim with all that and much more. When a closet gets too… Continue reading The “Catch-All” Closet

Success Stories

Playing with Colors

Sometimes no matter how much you declutter and how hard you clean, a room can still look "off" and be visually cluttered.¬† That's the problem that we've had for years with our guest bath. When we moved in, the bathroom had pink floor tiles, pink wall tiles, a pink tub, and a pink toilet. The… Continue reading Playing with Colors

Client Reveal, Success Stories

Master Closet: Part III

My client for this job is a very tidy family. They already knew how to organize, but in this case, they needed a helping hand to get¬†started on an overwhelming task. The client began with our Hands-On Organizing service. In session one we worked together to tackle the hanging clothes and start sorting folded items… Continue reading Master Closet: Part III