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Today I am featuring two easy DIY projects that you can use in any setting. The Decluttered By Doss team recently worked with a client who wanted help styling a guest room to achieve an uncluttered and minimalistic feel. The client had great solid wood furnishings and neutral carpeting. To start, they gave the walls a fresh coat of paint in Corona by Sherwin Williams. To complement the cozy yellow tones of the walls, we refreshed the bed with crisp white sheets and this navy blue basket weave style bedspread from Amazon.

I found a perfect desk lamp at Big Lots for $18 to coordinate with the bedding. The lamp is no longer on their website but you can find a similar style here.

While helping the client purge clutter that had been pulled from the room’s closet, we stumbled across the inspiration for our two DIY projects. We found a geometric pattern bedsheet that was no longer being used. The color matched the bedspread and the lampshade perfectly. The pattern was clean and modern without being too trendy – it was meant to be!

Project #1: Wall Art

After searching for a simple white matted photo frame at several stores, we found a Mikasa 16″ x 20″ frame matted for an 8″ x 10″ photo at Belk for 65% off (similar here). This is the world’s simplest DIY! Open up the frame, cut your fabric two inches larger than the opening, and tape it to the backside of the mat board. It is THAT easy.

You could use spray adhesive or hot glue, but in this case, the tape works just fine as friction holds all the layers together once the frame is reassembled. We hung the frame on the wall over the desk and it looks like something you would find at Pottery Barn or Etsy.

Best of all, if the bedding is ever changed, the client can purchase a small piece of coordinating fabric to easily update the frame. Fabric stores often offer bins of remnant decorator fabrics at steep discounts to move them out quickly. These rolls of fabric which are too small for a blanket or curtains are perfect for a small DIY like this. Project cost: Frame $21, Fabric $0, Tape $0 (leftover from other projects).

Project #2: Desk Chair Update

The upholstered seats of the desk chairs in this room showed wear and the cream/tan seats no longer matched the crisp blue/white aesthetic of the room. We considered shopping for a new chair until we remembered the geometric print bedsheet and decided to give that fabric a try here as well. We applied the fabric directly over the existing upholstery and what a difference it made!

I am not a professional upholsterer, but these are the steps that worked for me, along with a few tips for success:

  • First, unscrew the seat from the chair frame.
  • Next, lay out the fabric face side down and lay the seat on top of it with the cushion side down.
  • Cut the fabric around the seat to leave a margin wide enough to fold over the bottom with a 2″ overhang. If your fabric has lines or a pattern, leave a larger margin to allow for adjusting.
  • Line up the fabric to fold over the front of the seat evenly first as this is the most visible part. This can be tricky if your fabric has a pattern so take your time.
  • Staple the fabric to the bottom front center of the seat and then gently pulling to keep the fabric taught, place your next staple on the bottom back center of the seat, and then move to the sides. By alternating among the four sides as you staple and working from the center of the side outward as you apply staples, you can keep the fabric even without puckering and overstretching. I used this stapler for the task.
  • For the corners, trim the excess fabric off and fold these in much like you would a present. End the fold with a small tab you can discretely fold under the corner of the seat and staple to hold it all in place.
  • Once everything is stapled, you can cut off excess fabric from the bottom of the seat so nothing is hanging.
  • Last you can screw the seat back onto the chair frame.

Pulling this look together with the bedding, lamp, DIY wall art, and updated chair really made this room’s desk area pop! The client was delighted. What do you think?

If you try either of these DIY projects in the future, tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it!

If you purchase items from our affiliate links, Decluttered by Doss will receive a small commission to support our ongoing work. Thank you!

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