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Client Reveal: Home Studio

This week I had a fantastic time helping my friend declutter and decorate her home studio. Peyton is a Designer with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. This “momtrepreneur” has a contagious laugh, a great sense of style, and is fun to be around so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her.

In case you’ve never heard of Origami Owl (O2), the brand has taken the jewelry scene by storm offering consumers the chance to tell their story through meaningful and customizable Living Lockets. The pieces are quality made, affordable, and they offer a wide variety of charms for every occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a vacation, or even just Taco Tuesday, there is a Living Locket for you. If you are interested in learning more about O2, you can check our her online shop, here.

Being an O2 Designer, takes a good organizational system as it involves keeping up with thousands of small charms, filler crystals, face plates, base plates, chains, bracelets, etc. to maintain inventory for the brand’s amazingly fun Jewelry Bar Parties. Since moving into her new home last year, the headquarters for Peyton’s O2 business had been the dining room table but that was not a good long term solution and Peyton was ready to establish a permanent studio so that she could host Jewelry Bar parties at home.

For her studio space she chose to use an enclosed sun porch on the end of her home which offers white brick walls, a warm terracotta tile floor, and plenty of windows for ample sunlight. Since the branded colors for O2 are turquoise and pink, she selected white, gray, and rose gold as accents for the room.

For furnishings, Peyton repurposed a mirrored vanity to use as the desk in this space and it is a glam showstopper! This was gifted to her by a friend years ago and is the perfect fit for this space.

This mirrored vanity makes a perfect desk and adds a touch of glam to the room!

She also purchased a white cube organizer with grey and white bins and a white buffet to provide both open and closed storage spaces. We worked together to move all clutter out of the room that did not belong and to rearrange the furniture for optimal flow. Then we took time to move all of the O2 gear out of her dining room and get everything organized in the new space. After that was done, it was time to go shop for decor!

White cube organizer (similar here) and fabric drawers (similar here).

For the decor, we pieced this room together for under $250 from Marshall’s, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and Lowe’s. Exact items are linked when possible, but I will also offer similar items as well.

Nicole Miller Apsen Rug and Peyton’s clever system for organizing Origami Owl charms (similar here).

Our best find at Marshall’s was this Nicole Miller New York Decorative Accent Rug. The 3’5″ x 5’5″ gray faux fur sheepskin rug is amazingly cozy and added texture to the room while also visually softening the hard surfaces. We placed it between the mirrored desk and cube organizer to anchor the space. It was only $59 at Marshall’s. If your local store does not have this rug in stock you can find the exact same rug here for $118 or a similar budget priced option here for $35.

We picked out a white metal plant stand at Marshalls for $12 to use as a side table for this repurposed upholstered chair. I have not been able to find the exact table online but below are three equally interesting options to use in your space ranging in price from a $3 DIY to $68. Also pictured is a small faux succulent from Big Lots for $8 (Similar Here), the most delicious smelling Churro candle by DW Home, and a pair of patterned curtain panels from Big Lots. (Side note – We got a little giggle at the register when we saw on the display that the pattern name was Peyton – it was meant to be!)

1. Hammered Metal Side Table $68; 2. White Tray Table $35; 3. Dollar Tree DIY $3

The DIY option above is just two trash cans and a pizza pan from the Dollar Tree glued together! You can spray paint the pan and cans any color you like. I recently created one of these for my patio and will share that tutorial in a future post.

Another great find at Marshall’s was this hexagon shaped wall shelf for only $12! (Similar here and here) We styled it with a small plant pot from Dollar Tree, an air plant from Lowe’s, a Llama ring dish from Dollar Tree, and a chemistry themed “Besties” sign that I gave Peyton as a gift years ago. We also displayed some of the O2 gift packaging and a few products on the shelf.

On the right of the buffet is space for a table top mirror that has been ordered from Amazon and on the wall is a sweet Hello hook from Big Lots. Underneath the buffet is the super organized and color coded storage system Peyton developed using gemstone trays from Nilecorp (Similar here). She’s such a smart cookie!

Over the cube unit we hung another sign that we found at Marshall’s. The message, “Enjoy the little things,” seemed so appropriate for this space! Similar option here.

O2 offers so many amazing necklace options!

This space is so cute and I can’t wait for Peyton to host her first Jewelry Bar party here so friends and clients can see it and design their own unique Origami Owl jewelry pieces. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below!

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thank you in advance for supporting our work!

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