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Fridge Refresh

In our family we are getting ready to begin the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge and decided that it was the perfect time to give our refrigerator a refresh. We have been dealing with two main issues in the fridge: unnecessary food waste and unhealthy temptations. As you can see from the Before photo, there’s a lot going on inside and lots of “mystery foods.”

To begin, we took everything out of the refrigerator – yes, everything. As items came out we did a quick scan of expiration dates on packaged products and also tossed leftovers that were past their prime. According to the Virginia Department of Health, leftovers are good for seven days when kept at the proper temperature (learn more guidelines here). We even pulled out the three acrylic drawers to give them a good spring cleaning wash. The next step was to wipe down the interior of the fridge and all the glass shelves.

To complete this task I used the All-Purpose Microfiber Cloth from Grove Collaborative and the Grove Collaborative Glass Cleaner Concentrate in Lavender & Thyme scent. I’m loving these all-natural products because the concentrates help us cut down on plastic waste at home and the microfiber cloths are a really great quality that wash well. By using this referral link you can earn a free 5-Piece Gift Set and $10 off your next order. (This and two other product links in this post are affiliate links meaning that by clicking them you’ll help support the work here at Decluttered By Doss – thank you!)

Next, all of the remaining items were placed back into the refrigerator but this time with a little more intention.

First we started with condiments. All sauces for cookouts (ketchup, mustard, mayo, and steak sauce) were grouped together and all salad dressings were grouped together which showed us that we had TWO open bottles of ranch dressing. The bottle closest to expiration was put in front of the two so it will be used up first. Asian Sauces (I LOVE Pad Thai) and hot sauces were grouped together and then butters and cream cheeses were corralled into an acrylic bin to keep them tidy and in one place.

To help eliminate food waste and make it easier to eat healthy, I implemented a few additional changes.

Clementines, lemons, limes, peppers, and cucumbers were originally in bags from the store which made getting fruit out of the mesh bags cumbersome and hid the fresh veggies from view. I pulled all the fruit out of mesh bags and used an acrylic bin as a divider for easy access in the fruit bin. Next I chopped the veggies to make them more convenient for snacking so that I’m more likely to grab a bin of these rather than chips. Last, I used food storage labels (similar here and here) to label all the containers so that my husband can easily tell the difference between the left over quinoa and the homemade humus (so good – recipe here!) Goodbye “mystery foods!” Now it will be easier to see and enjoy our healthy foods while cutting down on wasted items.

Ready to give your refrigerator a spring refresh? Email us your Before & After photos or post them at We’d love to see the transformations!

Need an extra boost of help to walk you through the process here or another area of your home? Contact us about virtual coaching. No matter where you live, we can help you get life in order!

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