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Tidy Closet = Happy Closet

School is back in session, and we’re slowly getting our family in a routine for the fall. In between soccer practices and supervising homework, I was able to squeeze in an evening session with a repeat client. This time we worked in a hall closet which is used as the primary clothing closet in her apartment.


Three significant changes happened in this space. The client loves scarves, so first, we ordered a MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer from Amazon. The twelve mesh pockets are perfect for storing scarves, and two to three lightweight scarves can be tucked into each pocket.

The second change was a pop of color. The client had already decided that she wanted to upgrade her mixed hangers to slimline teal velvet hangers, so we ordered a six-pack of Niche Cubo Foldable Fabric Bins from Amazon to match.


Two bins were used in the bottom of the closet to hold the laundry. Three bins were used in the top of the closet. One in the middle as a pull out bin for out of season clothing and two as shelf dividers for storage. One side holds books and the other side stores keepsakes and other assorted items. The sixth bin was used in the client’s living room to store games for when guests come over.

Fun side note: A decorative metal hook that the client purchased on a trip is hung on the center bin. The item does not fit the decor anywhere else in her home but she loves it, so we attached it to the handle of the center tote so that it will bring her happy memories each time she opens the closet door.  If it sparks joy for you – it’s important! 

Speaking of slimline hangers, look at what a difference these made!


The client uses the floor space in the closet to store items that need to be hand-washed and dry cleaned. This space presented a challenge for us which required a little creativity. The floor of the closet is sloped so using traditional boxes and bins did not work well as they would eventually slide out the door after shifting around. The next change was adding an AIZESI Spring Tension Curtain Rod from Amazon behind the door frame hold the bins in place.

Closet 08.31.183

After weeding out a few unwanted items in each category (clothing, scarves, books, keepsakes, and other items), we put everything back together in the closet pretty quickly. With a little teamwork, this was a 1.5-hour session and the client loved the results. With the clothing now organized by type, she can see her outfit options at a glance and plan out her wardrobe for the week.

Check out the results and let us know what you think in the comments below.

All product links in this post are my own recommendations and I am not compensated for them. Photos were posted with the client’s permission.   

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