Organization Tips

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

You use it every morning and every evening, yet it is probably an overlooked area that you don’t think about decluttering and organizing. Today we are tackling the bathroom medicine cabinet.

Bathroom Cabinet Tips (1).jpgThis Hemnes Mirror Cabinet from Ikea was not too messy but could use a little organization to tidy it up. First, we evaluated the contents: what was used and what wasn’t, what items could be grouped together, and how the elements were used.

Everything was pulled out of the cabinet, and we purged items that were wasting space. We also cleaned the shelves and cabinet interior to start with a fresh base.

The lowest shelf was moved down to create a smaller space to hold assorted smaller items. The basket of nail care products fits in the area, and miscellaneous items like bobby pins, a lighter for candles, and fashion tape are lined up parallel for neatness. Usually, I like the crisp look of white plastic baskets but these dark baskets, 3 for $1 at Dollar General, look great with the espresso finish of this cabinet.

The next shelf up was adjusted for space to hold dental care items. The original container used to hold floss sticks was too big and bulky, so we opted for a more delicate round candle holder that still holds plenty. Products in bulky cardboard boxes were moved to a small ramekin which helps the owner see inventory at a glance.

We cleaned the acrylic cosmetic holder and reorganized the contents according to product type. All of the makeup lives here except for the large eyeshadow palettes which are stored in a drawer below the sink. Because the client pulls down the entire holder, rather than grabbing individual products, we were able to move this group up one shelf higher. Since this shelf space was taller than others, we used a command adhesive hook on the side to hold hair elastics.

Since the top shelf was now moved down one slot, the products there are more accessible than before, and we were able to move some taller products into place that had previously been taking up space in a drawer.

While decluttering and organizing this space make the most of your time. This is an excellent opportunity to allow mouth guards/retainers/clear braces to soak in a cleanser, to clean makeup brushes/sponges before putting them back, and to replace your toothbrush.

Not only with the cabinet look neat the next time you use it, but everything inside will also be fresh and ready to use again as well.

After you tackle your own cabinet, visit us on Facebook this week and share a photo of your progress. We’d love to see everyone’s “after” photos!

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