Success Stories

Playing with Colors

Sometimes no matter how much you declutter and how hard you clean, a room can still look “off” and be visually cluttered.  That’s the problem that we’ve had for years with our guest bath.

old-bath.jpgWhen we moved in, the bathroom had pink floor tiles, pink wall tiles, a pink tub, and a pink toilet. The walls, ceiling, medicine cabinet, and vanity were cream. We later discovered that at one time the medicine cabinet and vanity were, yep, you guessed it…pink.

Someone in 1963 had an obsession.

This photo is from the Real Estate listing to show that pink potty in its full glory!

The first thing we did after buying the house was to pull out the pink toilet and install a more modern white one. Next, we changed out the dated gold sconces for newer brushed nickel ones. Those two changes made a big difference.

img_4264We looked into several options but pulling the tiles out and starting fresh was not in the budget.

A year ago we embraced the pink by painting the walls a warm tan to complement the pink. That was an improvement from the cream, but it still wasn’t quite right.

This past weekend I chose to go a different direction to complement the pink with a shade of gray.

Granite by Valspar is a cool gray with a blue hue. The Marimekko shower curtain that we’ve been using features pops of blue, green, and purple, so the bluish grey color combination fits well.

img_4287I painted the vanity base and medicine cabinet in a white shade from Valspar called Blue Kiss. The inside of the medicine cabinet was spray painted with a gloss white to freshen it up as well.

Grey and white contact paper from Dollar Tree was added to the bottom of the cabinet, and I updated all the hardware to brushed nickel.

Over the toilet, I hung a sturdy woven basket from Marshalls ($9) instead of a traditional shelf. We used screws and anchors to connect it directly to the sheetrock. The basket holds a sweet wooden sign, faux greenery (this bathroom has no natural light), and rolled up washcloths.

Lastly, we replaced the CFL lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs from the GE Energize line. This brought an additional level of brightness and freshness to the room.

There are still a few things to do to this room (like replacing the vanity top with a white one), but I’m very pleased with the progress so far and how just a little paint helps the room look visually brighter and cleaner, even if it does have pink tile!


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