Client Reveal

Find Your Happy

During my recent kitchen declutter session, the client, and I went out to shop for some baskets and other kitchen accessories. One unique item on our shopping list was a tea box to neatly corral all the loose tea bags. The client keeps several types of herbal tea on hand for variety.


While out shopping at TJ Maxx the client found the most perfect box for tea. The wooden box had the clients initial and elegant carved details on the lid.

It was found on shelves with other jewelry boxes but the size was just right for tea bags. The clearance price tag was very appealing too!

We brought the box home and filled it with tea bags. Now the tea box is proudly displayed on the clients newly decluttered kitchen counter and ready to serve delicious tea each day.

The client added a jar of lemons to the counter for a pop of color and also close proximity so that fresh lemons could be enjoyed with the tea.

The whole kitchen looks great but this one little detail makes the client exceptionally happy, and that’s what the decluttering journey is all about. Clear the clutter, keep what works for you, and find your happy!

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