Client Reveal

Before & After Reveal: Kitchen Drawers

Today we move on to a larger kitchen for a different client. The kitchen is scheduled to be repainted soon, and the client wanted to eliminate clutter before that project so that there would be fewer items to move.

Just like the last project, this client had a list of areas that needed attention, and together we prioritized which ones to tackle during our four-hour work session.

For the purpose of today’s post, I will feature the drawers in this space.


Flatware Storage:

The client has a nice wide drawer for flatware. Baskets and bins were in place, but their large size was not helpful for keeping contents tidy.

After emptying and cleaning the drawer, we inserted two flatware trays from Target and reused one of the original black plastic trays.

img_4100.jpg54777602056__9f1a140b-4e15-484e-85e5-7a364c293c77.jpgimg_4110.jpgBefore loading items back in, we eliminated odd flatware that did not match the client’s two primary patterns, we purged all take-out flatware/chopsticks, and we removed the steak knives from their bulky storage boxes.



Linen and Gadget Storage:

The next two drawers were not in terrible shape but benefited from some reorganization. All towels and pot holders were kept, but the towels were folded in the KonMari Method to make them easily visible.

There was another drawer not being utilized to its best potential, so we reassigned that drawer and put all the cutting knives in it.

Removing all knives from this drawer helped everything have more room for an overall less cluttered look.


Knives are now housed in a drawer directly above the cabinet where cutting boards are stored. This makes meal prep quick and easy with less running around the kitchen.

There is no “before” photo for this drawer, but previously it housed an assortment of birthday candles, tea light candles, and batteries that could easily be housed elsewhere.

Stop back by tomorrow to see what we did with the cabinets in this cozy kitchen.

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