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Small Kitchen: Part II

Today we are featuring part II of our small kitchen organization project. You can revisit how we handled under sink clutter and made room for pan storage here.

For today’s story, we are focusing on the five drawers in the kitchen. Everything was removed from the drawers, and new adhesive shelf liner was applied. The client is trying to achieve a Parisian vibe in the kitchen, and this shelf liner is perfect. What a difference this pretty pattern makes!

The client is going to go back over the cabinets with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and this will look like a new kitchen. 

One of the five drawers was the designated “junk drawer” but it had become overstuffed and clutter migrated into the other drawers so it was time to purge.

Tips for tackling this type of clutter: 

  • Dump everything out on a table or counter and quickly pull any trash out and items that you have no clue what they go to. Do this fast like you are on a game show!
  • Pull out anything that should be stored elsewhere: in the car, bathroom, holiday items, at work, etc. Afterward get them to their correct destination.
  • If you have “maybe” items that you are not sure whether to keep or toss, put them to the side. Taking the time to test things, replace batteries, etc. in the middle of this process is a huge time sink and leads to distraction. Evaluate your maybe items at the end.
  • Group like items together. Do you need three of that item? If not, keep the best one and let the rest go.

The client was shocked to find owners manuals in the drawer for products that were no longer owned so purging those made a huge difference in space. The remaining manuals will be put into a binder like this one.

After completely decluttering all the items, only things that are genuinely needed went back in the drawer. It was incredibly refreshing for the client to remove all this excess clutter from her home.


We placed connectable plastic drawer organizers and slotted multi-purpose baskets from Dollar Tree in the junk drawer to corral small items. Now chargers, earbuds, candle lighters, chip clips, and extra room air fresheners all have a dedicated home.


One of the most creative changes we made in the drawers was done on a whim. An empty box was being used to keep the utensil basket pushed forward in the drawer.

When I learned from the client what the box was for, we used excess shelf liner to wrap the box. Since it blends in perfectly with the paper on the bottom, the drawer now looks like it was custom built just for the utensils.

When we made it to the drawer with cooking tools, we again purged and decluttered. We had run out of drawer organizers to use but even just the slight changes of adding drawer liner and reducing the amount of stuff in the drawer made a big difference. Divider baskets to separate the items can easily be added to the drawer at a later time if the client wishes.

This client is on the way to one chic kitchen. Happy decluttering!

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