Client Reveal

Small Kitchen: Part I

We met one evening over pizza to discuss the client’s frustrations with their small apartment kitchen. There were plenty of things that could be changed and organized to make the kitchen more functional, but the elephant in the room was clearly the under sink cabinet. It was one of those long cavernous cabinets that extend all the way back to the corner.

The client was embarrassed how this cabinet looked was and overwhelmed with the idea of trying to organize the space. Decluttered by Doss offers judgement free organizing help and our goal is to help each client love their home more. It was certainly not the worst kitchen cabinet I had ever seen before but still, I promised not to show the “before” photo out of respect for the client’s wishes.

A broken pressure cooker was sent to the trash, and a seldom used convection roaster was donated. Like items were grouped together, holiday specific dishes were put away in a high cabinet, and unnecessary duplicates were thinned down. During the process, we found three items the client thought had been lost forever. Three small wins!

Once the clutter was gone, the client was able to reach into the cabinet again so that the left side wing could be used.

Here is the after photo. Each small appliance has a home, each type of cookware has a home, and cleaning supplies are corralled into a bin.

The organized space provided room to store additional items which solved other problems in the kitchen.

Previously the only space available to store pots, pans, and baking sheets was inside the oven. This meant that anytime the oven was to be used, the client would have to pull out all the contents and find room to stack everything on the counter. This was a huge time sink that made using the oven a hassle for the client.

We invested in a $5 pan storage rack from Aldi.

Rather than using it as suggested in the manufacturer’s photo, we turned the rack on it’s back and stored the baking sheets upright like a vertical file system.


In just one hour we were able to empty, declutter, and organize the under sink cabinet, empty the oven, put away the pans, and solve TWO significant frustrations for this client.  Then we spent the following hour organizing the client’s dishes in the upper cabinet so that all the dishes had a home.

While working, we hashed out the plan for our next session together and developed some pretty exciting and innovative ideas for this tenant. Check back this week to see the progress!

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