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Master Closet: Part III

My client for this job is a very tidy family. They already knew how to organize, but in this case, they needed a helping hand to get started on an overwhelming task.

The client began with our Hands-On Organizing service. In session one we worked together to tackle the hanging clothes and start sorting folded items on the shelves.

In session two we decluttered and organized the client’s shoes and continued sorting items on the shelves.

At the end of that second session, we knew that the client was empowered to keep making good progress so we laid out the Guided Organizing gameplan for what they would do on their own in the coming weeks.

They had a list of areas to cover and suggestions on how to best accomplish their goal. Every few days, I’d check in with the client to hear their progress, offer tips as needed, and serve as a source of positive encouragement. Before long, the client was proud to report that the job was complete. They had followed our game plan for organizing and in their own time they had accomplished the goal. The client says that the new space not only makes getting dressed in the morning easier but it also makes putting away laundry faster and easier as well. The love their newly organized space!

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