Client Reveal, Organization Tips

Starting Fresh

For today’s client reveal, we are featuring a home move. While Decluttered by Doss is not a moving service, we can provide assistance before and after moving to get you on track to an organized home. For clients moving a considerable distance our Virtual Coaching service is a perfect fit, but for this particular client, the new home was close.

Leading up to moving day, the client and I went through the entire kitchen pantry in the home that had sold. We threw away expired products, grouped like items together, and parted with items that were not being used and did not need to make a move.


After the move, I visited the client’s new home, and together we mapped out what items should go where in the new pantry.

Bins from the Dollar Tree were used to corral small items and snacks. For this family, each member has their own individual snacks stash (how fun!), so we gave each person a separate area and labeled their respective shelves with a Dyno, label maker.

Mom and dad snacks are at the top, and the kid snacks are easily accessible for little hands in the bottom. For the purpose of client confidentiality, I have covered up all names in the photo.


Like items are grouped together such as breakfast items, drink mixes, and condiments, making it easy for this client to quickly locate the essentials needed to prepare a meal or snack.

Having a defined zone for each type of item means that putting away groceries will also be quick and easy for this family.

Ready to begin your decluttering journey? Contact me for a free phone consultation! 

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