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Home Manual Storage

In each home we have lived in over the years, I have kept a home manual binder. This is an easy way to corral all the owner’s guides and warranties to the various components in our home, without taking up space in the filing box where we keep vital records and tax documents.

The binder system also makes it very easy to pass along pertinent upkeep information to the new owners when you sell your home.

The current home we are in had a dusty stack of papers 8-inches thick (no joke!) sitting on a shelf in the basement.


I sifted through the stack a few times in the past couple of years to weed out items that were no longer part of the house and obsolete documents like warranty papers that expired in 1970.

This reduced the size of the stack, but we really needed a new binder for this house.

Recently, after a quick trip to Office Max for img_3860supplies, I finally took the time to sit down and assemble our home binder.

I picked up a binder, sheet protectors, and extra-wide tab inserts.

With a delicious cup of coffee on hand, I spread out the manuals on the dining room table and divided them into like categories: Basement, Florida Room, Kitchen, Outdoor, and Misc.

I slid the owner’s guide and warranty information for each item in a sheet protector sleeve and used the tab inserts to separate each category.

The 1.5″ binder I purchased was too thin for all the papers, so I placed the outdoor category in a separate binder.


Now both binders are back on the shelf in our basement. They are clearly labeled so that anyone can find the information quickly, they take up less room, and the papers will stay dust-free. Mission accomplished!


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