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Nearly every American home has one – a cabinet full of gadgets and small kitchen appliances.

These items are designed to help us be more productive in the kitchen, but that service comes at a cost. They take up space.

It is effortless for the accessories, blades, and unwieldy cords to become a birds nest of clutter when not stored properly.

For this project, we began by taking all items out of the cabinet and decluttering. Two pieces were sent to the donation bin: a colossal cooking pot that had not been used in the past ten years and a bulky veggie spiralizer that will be replaced by a much more compact hand-held model.

img_3851The smaller appliances and accessories were corraled together in a bin from the Dollar Tree to prevent them from rolling around the cabinet.

The bin was labeled with a Dyno label maker so that the contents could be located quickly.



Previously after the items were cleaned, they would be shoved precariously into the cabinet to whatever position would prevent them from falling out. Now that each piece has a home, it is much easier and safer to put items back after use.


Need a helping hand to make transformations like this in your home or office? Contact us for a free consultation to discuss options for Hands-on Organization Assistance, Guided Organizing, and Virtual Coaching. We’re here to help you.

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