Organization Tips

One In – One Out

Today’s tip is an easy one. Whether you are in the process of decluttering or maintaining your organized home, it is a good practice to adopt a one in – one out guideline.

For every new item you bring into your home, something else in that category needs to leave. 

While going through my closet recently, I realized that I desperately needed two new pairs of shoes.

  • My nude pumps had become scuffed beyond repair last summer, and my tall nude heels were not practical for daily use. This left me with two cute navy dresses that could not be worn to work due to lack of coordinating footwear.
  • My black flats were just plain worn out. They were my go-to daily shoe that went with 80% of my wardrobe and each time I slid them on for the past couple of months they screamed at me to retire them. Not having a suitable replacement other than dressy pumps and heels, I needed to find another option for daily wear.

img_3855Because my curated closet has spaces for precisely 17 pairs of shoes and two pairs of boots it is easy to keep down the clutter as every pair has a home.

Nothing is scattered on the floor, and the shoes are not overcrowded.

They each have their own space, and as long as I keep the number of pairs the same, my shoes will NEVER be cluttered!

Take a moment and let that concept sink in. Wow!

I went to the shoe store on a mission to find the two specific items. Of course, I saw lots of pretty shoes that I’d love to have, but I knew that I only needed these two items – something to go with navy and something black.

I ended up finding a super cute and comfy pair of Bjorndal wedge sandals in navy to go with the two navy dresses. After trying on numerous pairs of black flats, I did not find anything that I truly loved, but I did find a pair of black dressy sandals, and since spring is here, this was a suitable replacement that will work with my wardrobe through September.

When I returned home with the new additions to my shoe collection, the tired flats and the nude pumps promptly went in the trash can. The nude heels that I referenced earlier invoked me to have a reality check – the 3″ heels were not something that I would ever wear to work. On the rare occasion that I would want to wear them to a special event, I would look a bit like a tipsy giraffe attempting to navigate crowds in them. Sorry, Madden Girl’s – time to go!

These shoes went in my bin for donations so that someone a bit more graceful than me might enjoy them.

Oooh – that leaves me with one empty space for a new pair! And when I shop, I will carefully search for a pair that I truly love and will wear often

One in – One Out!

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