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What’s Your Tiger?

The following anonymous story is shared with permission from the client in hopes that this message will inspire and encourage others. 

One of my clients recently mentioned having a dream where they were hosting guests, but an enormous tiger was in the house. In this dream, the client essentially kept moving the “tiger” from room to room to keep it under control and away from the guests.

During our chat, we both had an “ah-ha” moment when we realized that the “tiger” in her dream represented a particular area that this client dreaded organizing – her attic.

The client is great at decluttering and purging clothing, but over the course of a year these donations kept making their way to the attic for “temporary” storage and, unfortunately, the boxes and bags piled up on her.

The client had good intentions to give the clothing to various charities who could greatly benefit from them, but she also wanted to take time to itemize her donations for tax purposes. Once the stash in her attic became so large, it suddenly was a very overwhelming and daunting task that she dreaded.

We set a date to catch her tiger together, and in the days before our session, I was inspired to capture some personal tigers of my own. Her analogy resonated with me because it is so right.  Small tasks that we procrastinate on can get big, hairy, and unruly as time passes by!

During our work session together, I introduced a tech tool to help this client: ItsDeductible by Intuit. This app is a free tech tool that I discussed in a previous post, here.

We started by opening one bin of clothing that the client no longer wanted. We folded each item and then stacked them according to category: shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, etc. Once the pieces were in categories, it was super simple for me to call out groups as I stacked them back in the bin,”Women’s t-shirts: 4, women’s khaki shorts: 2, boy’s athletic shorts: 6, boy’s pajamas: 4…” Meanwhile, the client entered each entry into the ItsDeductible app on her phone as I called them out.

Suddenly the first bin was done, and then two, and then four. “No way!” the client remarked. “This is so easy!”

Within a very short period, we had taken what initially seemed like a vast and overwhelming task and made it simple and easy by breaking the work down into smaller chunks and using technology to our advantage.

After seeing how simple this process this was, the client’s husband took the initiative to purge some items from his wardrobe to add to the donation piles and even helped us sort his things into categories for the app.

The final and most crucial step for capturing this wild tiger, she made an appointment with her desired charity to drop off the items and eliminate this clutter from her house. FOREVER. No tigers are lurking here anymore!

The client is now armed and ready to tackle future donations using the ItsDeductible app so that she can process donations and move them out of her home quickly and easily.

Client Feedback:

“I never thought I could have so much fun getting rid of clothes! You are amazing!”

Photo by Hans Veth on Unsplash.

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