Client Reveal

Master Closet: Part II

In part two of our master closet client reveal, we are featuring shoe storage. The client has a nine-foot-deep walk-in closet with ample room to store shoes along the side but the space allocated was not being used as efficiently as it could be. Due to overcrowding, the shoes also spilled out into the walkway.

During our session together the client and I evaluated each pair of shoes that she owned. Shoes that were damaged beyond repair were discarded, and pairs that did not fit right or no longer were her style were pulled aside to donate.
Several pairs of special occasion shoes were in the closet simply because of emotional attachment. The client had good memories of the events that she wore these shoes to but had no desire to wear them again.

She recognized this fact quickly and decided that her memory of the event was enough – the shoes could now move on and make room for other more functional shoes.

Once her collection of shoes was thinned out, the keepers were put back and no longer cluttered the floor. The client was delighted with this progress. We discussed maintaining a “one in-one out” system for future purchases so that anytime a new pair is brought into the house in the future she will find another lesser used pair to part with.


Following our session, the client’s husband took the initiative to follow the same steps and declutter his section of shoe storage in the closet.

He moved the suitcase to a different storage area of the house which left him more open space for a visually decluttered shoe storage area.

This couple is on the right track and is getting closer and closer to a tidy and clutter-free closet that will ultimately save them time each day while getting ready.

If you missed part one of this series, click here.


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