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If you are decluttering any area of your home or office, chances are there will be items that you wish to donate to a thrift store, shelter, or other charity.

Years ago, to take advantage of tax deductions, I would itemize each donation by writing down items on a list and guessing values. I later learned that I was cheating myself by undervaluing items. In addition to that, I was often frustrated by having to relist all the individual donation totals again in my tax preparation process.

Now I use Its Deductible by Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax. The app is free to use. You don’t have to use Turbo Tax to access this tool, although they do work together seamlessly.

Enter the charity information and once entered, the charity is saved for easy access in the future. Then select the type of donation.

It's Deductible

Select item categories for your donation.

Item Example

IRS approved values are automatically listed on this app, so there is no guesswork in pricing.

Donation Total

When tax time rolls around the figures import into Turbo Tax software automatically once you link the accounts. If you use a professional tax preparer service, you can download and print a report of all donations.

Its Deductible

This app makes the charitable donations portion of your taxes a breeze.

I encourage each of my clients to take the extra time to itemize donations so that they can take full advantage of tax breaks, in addition to having a decluttered space.

This review was not sponsored and represents my own opinions.

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

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