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Master Closet: Part I

Today we launch a multi-post series focusing on a clients’ master closet. The client has a deep walk-in closet with plenty of hanging space and shelf space. There is easy access to all items in the closet, but the problem that concerns the client is visual clutter. The client desires a more streamlined appearance for the closet so our goal was to make this space look as put together and attractive as the rest of the client’s beautiful home.

First, we pulled out all the hanging items and did a quick purge and sort. Things that were deemed “keepers” went back into the closet on brand new slimline velvet hangers to give hanging items a uniform look.


The front six-foot section of hanging rod is organized in the following order: slacks, skirts, blouses, dresses, cardigans, blazers, robes, and special occasion. We also arranged items within each section by color and then by sleeve length. The last three-foot part at the back belongs to the client’s husband and will be organized at a later date.

Just by making the visual change of uniform hangers, grouping like items together, and arranging elements by color has already made a significant difference. Be sure to follow Decluttered by Doss to see what we do with this space next!

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Client Feedback:

“Wow! It already looks so much better. Thank you so much for being organized. You have turned something I dreaded into something fun!”

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