Organization Tips

Maintaining Your Systems

Back in January, I realized that my hall linen closet had become quite scary (see left on each photo below). I spent a half hour to declutter and organize and achieved a beautifully organized closet. Three months later the closet was not near as messy, but it was cluttered again.

The reason why? I had all these cute containers with no defined function. I knew what should go in each bin, but my family did not necessarily follow that plan. This time I took the extra time to create labels for the containers so that not only did each item have a zone, but everyone in the house could quickly identify what goes where.

The result now is an organized space (see right on each photo below) that will stay organized longer because each group of items has a defined and labeled area.

The easiest rule for maintaining organization systems – if you take it out…put it back!

img_3646 img_3648

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