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Simple Card Organization

Earlier this week, I promised to share a tip on keeping your wallet decluttered. If you missed that post on tote organization, you can find it here.

The tip I’m going to share is one that can help literally everyone who is old enough to spend money. If you’ve EVER been into a retail store, grocery store, dry cleaner, stylist, pharmacy, etc. You most likely have been offered a customer loyalty card or a savings card. You might have a few retail gift cards sitting around as well.

It’s good to accept these free cards and keep them because they reap some significant savings for you but after a while, they do add up in quantity. The excess cards can clog up valuable space in your wallet and also waste your time. No one wants to wait in line behind you at the register while you flip through 30 cards looking for the right one to use.

Whenever possible, I try to use the Apple Wallet on my phone to digitally store cards. This is especially great for hotels cards and airline points cards as information for upcoming trips and boarding passes will automatically be saved conveniently on the home screen of your phone for quick reference.


For the cards that are not compatible with the Apple Wallet like mom and pop businesses, and old school punch cards, I use an incredibly simple system. Brace yourself, folks, it’s a hinged ring clip! You might have some in your junk drawer already but if not you can purchase them at a craft store or in bulk on Amazon for 8 cents each.

Z- Card Organizer.png

Just gather up all your cards and punch a hole in each corner. You can arrange them on the ring in any way you choose. Alphabetical order, or by category are two of the most useful options.


If you use a primary vehicle, keep this bundle of cards in your console or glove box. I have a visible cubby on the dashboard so that I physically see the cards daily and remember that they are there. When I park my car in front of a store, I flip through the stack until the card needed is on top of the pile and stick the organizer in my purse. At check out, I’m prepared to collect points and score savings.

If you travel on public transport or carpool, you can keep the bundle in a pouch in your tote or secured with a rubber band. It’s good to always have it with you because you never know when you spontaneously might need to make a trip to the store.

This simple hack is sure to help keep your wallet and tote organized while helping you save valuable time and money.

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