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Home Office Declutter: Part Three

Today is the final installment in our home office client reveal, and I’m very excited about the progress that we made in just two site visits. You can see the other parts of this reveal here and here.

Z- Family Library.pngWorking together, the client and I decluttered her family library by organizing the books by type, purging some books that had seen better days, finding titles to donate, and incorporating some decorative elements to add interest to the shelves.


The white bookcases up against the freshly painted white walls needed a pop of color, and we were able to source a painting from a different part of the home to add that much-needed interest. The art is shown propped in the photos but will be hung this week by the client.

IMG_3597 2

Books were shelved by age group for the younger boys. The oldest boy’s books were grouped by series or topic, and interactive activity books were moved to a separate section. The adult books were arranged by genre, and select books with sentimental value were either put on display or stored in wooden crates for extra projection from little fingers.

On the other shelves in the space, items were grouped into like categories, stored in containers, and labeled for easy access. The client also used this opportunity to thin down quantities of things as we organized.

Z- Display Bookcase.png

Having less clutter means that the client now has more space to display meaningful objects in her home.


Z- Display Bookcase (2).png


Thanks to just a little effort to declutter and organize, the client now has a calm and serene office space that serves many functions. Best of all, now when she works there, she is surrounded by inspiring objects and memories that she loves rather than clutter.


Since all items were sourced from the client’s home, this is another $0 budget project.

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