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Home Office Declutter: Part Two

Today we are going to reveal part two of our home office declutter. If you missed part one of this client project, you can catch up here.

For this reveal, we will focus on the client’s craft cabinet. A free-standing cabinet with upper and lower doors is in one corner of the home office space. The cabinet primarily holds craft supplies, so our goal was to keep to that same purpose while decluttering and neatening the area. We pulled each item out of the cabinet and grouped according to like things (paint, fabric, felt, wood crafts, etc.).

After items were grouped together, we were able to evaluate them. Some were obvious: dried up glue = toss. Other things required evaluation. I asked the client to think about why she bought supplies for a particular craft project and seriously consider if she would continue that project or not. Supplies for projects she knew were not in her future were donated or tossed. Supplies for projects that she wanted to do soon were put into a bin labeled “current projects.” This allows her to quickly grab the container and take it to the desk, or kitchen table when she wants to work on a project.

Z - Croft Craft Cabinet Upper (1).png

After the photos were taken, we removed the unused paper towel holder from the top of the cabinet to save space.

Two sets of drawers were repurposed from another area of the room to house craft tools and small supplies. All bins were labeled with my Dyno Label Maker for easy identification.


Before we completed this project, we skimmed the entire room for additional craft supplies that might be stored elsewhere. Other than the crayons and markers stored in the art drawer of the home office desk, all craft supplies now live in this cabinet. The bottom shelves even have room to grow.

Since all bins and baskets were sourced from the client’s home, this was another $0 budget project.

On another visit, we will line the shelves with attractive shelf paper from the Dollar Tree to add a little polish to this area and allow for easy cleaning but for now, the client is satisfied with the results, and we call this project area a win!

Z - Croft Craft Cabinet Lower.png

Ready for some crafting? This family sure is! Be sure to follow us so that you don’t miss any other exciting client reveals or tips.

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